I like taking pretty photos and I adore my job but let's be real, my life is beautifully messy and a far cry from my pretty Instagram feed!

I'm 36. I'm married to a lovely man named Nath. We have two incredible girls, Evie + Anna and I love documenting our life in all its craziness and beauty. I love being a Mum [but also find it very hard]. I ugly cry often at ads on TV [I blame sleep deprivation] and I usually have washing oozing from the laundry. Does that make you feel more at ease? I hope so. 

I've also been a photographer for the last 13 years and I can't believe I get to do this for a 'job'. I love pretty things, including Peonies and old vintage sheets. I loved baby wearing. I drink coffee but I prefer a cup of tea. I love black and white images and I've played musical beds with my kids for the last 8 years! Since having my girls I often struggle with my weight, but I'm learning to love my body more everyday. I love vacuuming [weird I know] and the unpredictable predictability of Melbourne weather. I also kill all indoor plants that come into my home, but I can keep animals and small humans very much alive, so I think that's a positive!

Not just a photographer, a Mama who understands this messy motherhood journey well

A little about me

these three are my world

Hi, I'm Amy!

It's so nice to meet you!

You are here because you know a love like no other.

This might sound crazy but one of my superpowers is actually capturing that gut-wrenching love! Giving you a glimpse of the love you have for your kids [as well as how much they love you] is what I do and it still blows me away that this is possible... it's like making magic!

Other photographers might encourage you to look, dress or behave in certain ways in order to get photos that fit into their Instagram grid but that's NOT my deal! Sure I'll give you some style/posing advice if you want it, but I'm more interested in capturing you, as YOU! I create timeless images that will make your heart ache, sing, and smile all at once!

You will walk away from our session together feeling like the time we spent was authentic to you and not like you've had to dress up for a part in a play.

And I know that families are messy [mine is], but that is part of what makes us. I know you love hard and I want to document that fierce love, one cuppa tea at a time!

"You do! you And thAT fierce gut wrenching, deep in your bones Love you feel for your kids, That's what inspires me!"


baby Anna and I

my oldest, evie

My other favourite things *not in order* are  my Thermomix, Peonies, clean sheet day and staying up late for 'me time' even though I know I will regret it in the morning. 

Hot chips are probably the most satisfying food I've ever eaten. I love listening to acoustic covers and whenever I listen to pretty voices sing I always think that God gifted me with the wrong talent and "why, O why can I not sing like that?! " Sad but true. 

Co-sleeping + breastfeeding my girls is something I know I will look back on and never regret, it's definitely been one of my most favourite, favourite things in life!

I'm a homebody. I love simple. I wish I could knit [my old person aspiration] and truth be told, I love wearing big granny undies because they are so damn comfy!

"I can't explain the joy I get from sitting in the winter sun with a hot cup of tea in my hands and my cat [or kid] in my lap, it feels like heaven!"


I've been a family, newborn, wedding and birth photographer for around 13 years! In that time I've been in some reasonably hard situations and still managed to deliver the goods! There are not many situations I've NOT had to deal with and this makes me confident that I can take beautiful, melt your heart images during your family session, even if your kids are losing it! 

As well as tricky situations, I've also been privileged to be an onlooker for many beautiful ones too - I would say some of people's most intimate moments in their lives! From weddings in incredible locations around Australia to the birthing suite. Witnessing babies first breaths and Mamas in their brand new newborn bubble, it's been simply magical! 

One thing I've been told is that my instagram feed looks 'too perfect,' families loving on each other in beautiful homes & locations and that "My family doesn't look like this." But I want to assure you, my photos look like this because I'm good at my job. I can capture these moments even if you live in a standard Australian two bedroom unit or even when you're NOT 'feeling it!' One of my super powers is being able to walk into any situation, find the nice light and take a meaningful photo [and if I can't do this, I'll refund you your money]!  


"even if your kid loses her marbles I can still get it... most of the time!"


my philosophy

Whether you are married, divorced, have additional needs, have lost, are a same sex couple or are the loudest craziest family on planet earth, I am here for it! Every family is worthy of being documented.

"FEW THINGS light my heart on fire more than taking photos, except maybe peonies because, well- they are peonies!"


“Amy photographed our newborn and did a wonderful job. The whole experience was really relaxed and Amy was so kind and gentle, which was exactly what I needed as a new mum. The photos turned out even better than I could have hoped for and we are so happy! “


“Amy is truly talented and brings real emotion into every shot. Her images are raw, real and natural. I literally shed a tear looking through her photos! I look forward to having Amy capture our future family milestones as her pictures really do tell a thousand words!"

“Amy is warm and kind, so very generous with her time and clearly brilliant at her craft. The photos received from our shoot are something we will treasure for years to come. They are natural, relaxed and so very ‘us’. It couldn’t have been a better experience. I’ll tell anybody who will listen that they need an Amy Oliver in their life!”


“Amy is a true professional and wonderful with children and babies, a true talent and I can see why she was so highly recommended! It was an investment that was hard to convince my husband on initially but afterwards all those concerns went away and she’s left us with a gift that’s worth more than money.”


“Amy was incredible! The session was relaxing & fun. We were made to feel so comfortable! The images definitely made us Kim K ugly cry & will be absolutely treasured forever. We have recommended Amy to everyone we know & will definitely be using her again for future photos. A thousand times, thankyou Amy!”


“Amy has shot our family through all our new born babies (4)! She is amazing with our kids and somehow captures the individual personalities of each of them as well as the love between us. Her shots are natural, un-posed, and spontaneous and she works magic with light! We love her and we love her work. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough!”


Your babies grow older every day, let me help you remember them as you see them today.

Every family has a story

You don't need to pretend in front of my camera, you are enough just as you are.

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